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holds a

special place in a family’s life, a milestone

such as a birthday, an anniversary or a

loved one’s passing can present an op-

portunity to make the occasion all the

more meaningful.

For Mrs. Elinor Wormer of Ferris Hills at

West Lake in Canandaigua, the wedding

of her daughter Susan to longtime part-

ner Edward “Ed” Chippero presented

just such an opportunity. The couple had

requested donations to charity in lieu

of wedding gifts, and Mrs. Wormer im-

mediately knew she wanted to make a

gift through the F.F. Thompson Founda-

tion to Thompson’s skilled-nursing facility,

the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center.

“It seemed only fitting,” she says.

After all, it was there that her hus-

band of more than 60 years, Dr. Donald

Wormer, received specialized care for a

form of dementia, beginning in 2013.

A general surgeon for 28 years in

Olean, Dr. Wormer had settled in com-

fortably at the continuing care center, be-

friending the staff and checking on other

residents to see how they were doing.

The family felt it was as though he was

still a practicing physician, “making the

rounds” at the hospital. The quality care

he received up until his death in October

2014 was a blessing for the entire family,

according to his wife.

And the family’s thoughtfulness be-

came a blessing to Thompson, according

to Foundation Director Anita Pietropaolo.

In celebration of the wedding of her

daughter Susan, left, Mrs. Elinor Wormer

of Ferris Hills atWest Lake in Canandaigua

made a gift to Thompson Health.


to amilestone

“As a community health system, we

have a special relationship with many

families in the area,” she says. “We are

always so appreciative when they show

their gratitude for the care they have

received by making a gift benefiting oth-

ers we serve.”


There are several options within the

health system when it comes to desig-

nating a gift in honor of a special

occasion. Donations can benefit pro-

grams and services, equipment needs

within the hospital, the Sands Cancer

Center, the skilled-nursing facility or

other aspects of Thompson’s senior living

continuum of care.

“We work with a family to make

sure their contribution—whether it’s in

conjunction with a joyous occasion or

somber occasion—is directly applied

to the cause that means the most to

them, and we are honored to do so,”

Pietropaolo says.

For more information

about contributing to

Thompson Health, see

the enclosed envelope,